Wanted: Iowa corn and soybean growers, by July 14, for nutrient study

Wanted: Iowa corn and soybean growers, by July 14, for nutrient study

The Iowa Soybean Association On-Farm Network is seeking growers for a statewide project this summer to evaluate the current status of soil and plant nutrients. The cutoff date for enrollment is July 14.

The intent of the project is to collect soil and plant tissue for analysis from at least 500 corn and 500 soybean fields. This information will be used by participating growers to manage their nutrient use. The information will also become the basis for a new soil and plant nutrient database for the state, forming a benchmark from which to measure future changes in soil nutrient status.

Growers will use current aerial imagery of the enrolled fields to select locations to pull samples from at least two points in each field. The same information will be collected from fields enrolled in On-Farm Network replicated strip trials. Besides nitrogen, phosphate and potash, sulfur and additional micronutrients will also be analyzed.

After harvest, small local group meetings will be conducted around the state to discuss and compare results. A statewide summary will be posted at www.isafarmnet.com. Information also will be presented at the 2012 On-Farm Network Conference in February. Participating growers will receive free admission to the 2012 conference.

For more information, visit www.isafarmnet.com, or call Christine Borton at 800/383-1423 to enroll.

While this program is funded in part by the soybean checkoff, there will be a small cost to participating growers, amounting to less than the price of a bushel of corn or soybeans per acre for the enrolled fields.

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