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Soil-Test Robot

Soil-test robot

THE NEW AutoProbe is the first high-speed, on-the-go implement for soil sampling, according to its manufacturer AgRobotics. The company says the AutoProbe follows a precision path as it collects soil samples, in one-third the time needed for manual or semiautomatic sampling.

The AutoProbe is built around a rubber-track-driven mechanism actuating a probe. The probe penetrates the soil to a depth of 6 in. and withdraws a soil core as frequently as every 16 ft. That's about every 1.5 seconds when towed across a field at a speed of 8 mph by a GPS-steered utility vehicle (UV). Cores are conveyed pneumatically to the UV cab for automatic packaging into soil lab sample boxes.

AgRobotics expects the AutoProbe to be used primarily by crop consultants and agricultural retailers as part of a complete soil sampling, testing and analysis service. Contact AgRobotics LLC, Dept. FIN, 1818 N. Taylor Dr., Suite 319, Little Rock, AR 72207, 501/551-7999, visit or, or circle 156.

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