Allen Sutton right accepts the NoTill Product of the Year award from Darrell Bruggink executive editor and publisher of NoTill Farmer magazine

Allen Sutton (right) accepts the No-Till Product of the Year award from Darrell Bruggink, executive editor and publisher of No-Till Farmer magazine.

Agrotain nitrogen stabilizer wins No‐Till Product of the Year


Readers of No‐Till Farmer magazine have voted Agrotain nitrogen stabilizer from Koch Agronomic Services the top product in the fertility/soil amendments category. Allen Sutton, who was on the product development team for Agrotain stabilizer, accepted the award on behalf of Koch at the National No‐Tillage Conference in Indianapolis on Friday, Jan. 11.

“Farmers who implement conservation tillage are some of the most knowledge‐seeking, discerning farmers in the industry, so Koch should be proud that its product has been recognized for its strong performance,” says Darrell Bruggink, executive editor and publisher of No‐Till Farmer.

When Agrotain stabilizer is added to nitrogen, farmers can apply urea and liquid nitrogen (UAN) to the surface without worries of losing their nitrogen to ammonia volatilization (losses into the air).

Ammonia volatilization can be a major concern in no‐till fields, where higher levels of crop residue and soil moisture contribute to faster breakdown of surface‐applied nitrogen. Agrotain stabilizer blocks the activity of the enzyme urease in the soil from breaking down the urea long enough for a rain event or irrigation to incorporate the nitrogen into the soil.

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