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Fencer's Pretzel

Farmer-rancher Roland Schmidt was tired of removing the staple clips on steel fence posts every time he wanted to tighten his barbed-wire fence. He invented a steel attachment that allows the fence wire to move freely during tightening. The product, called Fencer's Pretzel, holds fencing wire to fence posts like a standard clip. But it encircles the wire rather than biting down on it so you can adjust the tension of the wire without having to remove the staple clips. “You can take up the slack without taking off the clips,” Schmidt says. “There's nothing like it.”

You can use the Fencer's Pretzel wherever you would use a standard clip. The product is designed for cattlemen or anyone using studded T posts with smooth or barbed nonelectric wire.

Suggested list price: $0.40 each or a bag of 25 for $10. Contact Sky Creek LLC, Dept. FIN, 3139 11th Ave. N., Voltaire, ND 58792, 701/626-7635, visit or, or circle 161.

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