New tire inflation calculator simplifies air pressure readings

New tire inflation calculator simplifies air pressure readings

Online tire tool takes pressure off of measuring inflation.

Calculating the right inflation pressure for your farm tires used to require paging through volumes of tire charts and load tables to find the right mix of air and rubber. Not anymore. Titan Tire, maker of Goodyear farm tires, has put all those reams of paper into an online database that farmers can access from their computer or smartphone. The company unveiled the product last week at the 2011 Agricultural Media Summit, held this year in New Orleans.

The new online tool calculates the best possible tire inflation for any farm tire based on tractor weight, what’s being pulled, and the speed traveled. All you need to do is log onto and enter the tire dimension and load index found on the side of the tire, along with the axle and implement weight. Then, with the help of your handy, dandy tire gauge, you can measure and adjust the air to match the recommended air pressure.   

The calculator is free and works for any brand of metric, agriculture radial tire. For more information, visit the company’s website at

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