New economy-line radial tires from Alliance

New economy-line radial tires from Alliance

Alliance Tire Group launches low-priced R1-W radial tire line to compete with imports and less-expensive domestic lines.


This week, Alliance Tire Group launched a new economy line of R1-W radial tires geared to tackle market share currently dominated by imported tires and some of the less-expensive domestic lines.

The tires, called the Alliance FarmPRO R1W Radial Tractor tire line, will provide the traction and fuel economy benefits of the company’s high-performance Agri-Traction brand R1W radials but will be sold at a lower price point, according to James Tuschner, director of marketing for Alliance Tire Americas in Brentwood, TN.

“The Alliance Agri-Traction tires are top-of-the-line technology, engineered for higher speeds and higher loads and rougher field conditions,” Tuschner says. “The Alliance FarmPRO line is more modest — designed for tractors that don’t get quite as rigorous a workout as a grower’s main tractor might.”

Alliance, a company known for its flotation tires, was among the first companies in the world to apply radial technology to flotation tires. Last year the company built a new state-of-the-art factory in India. Tuschner says the new plant allows the company to manufacture high-quality tires cost-effectively, leading to the launch of this new tire line.

“We envision the Alliance FarmPRO Radial R1W tires on the second tier of tractors around the farm — the older rigs pulling carts or trailers, hauling large hay bales around the dairy or feedlot, the ones with the box scrapers and backhoe attachments and forks,” Tuschner says. “The tractors out in the field doing heavy ground prep or pulling a planter or drill could certainly use Alliance FarmPRO Radial R1W tires, but we think they’d be better off with the high-performance Agri-Traction line.”

The FarmPRO Radial R1W Tractor tires feature a stubble-resistant compound and an average tread depth 20% deeper than standard R1 tractor tires. Like other radial tires, the FarmPRO radials deliver significantly better fuel economy than standard bias-ply R1s, Tuschner says.

The Alliance FarmPRO line is available in more than a dozen of the most popular sizes. These sizes include 280/85R24, 340/85R24, 380/85R24, 320/85R28, 340/85R28, 380/85R28, 420/85R28, 420/85R30, 460/85R30, 420/85R34, 460/85R34, 420/85R38, 460/85R38 and 520/85R38. Additional sizes, including tires for 42- and 46-in. rims, will be released soon, Tuschner says. 

The FarmPRO line will be available throughout the U.S. and Canada through Alliance Tire dealers and distributors. Pricing for the Alliance FarmPRO Radial R1W tires will be on par with other high-quality imports.

For more information about the Alliance FarmPRO Radial R1W line, contact your Alliance Tire dealer or visit or

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