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Site Pro Dispatch, a new software package, provides the ability to track equipment locations in real time. More important, it can relay prescription job orders to individual application rigs, as well as capture as-applied maps on main computers soon after the applications occur.

Co-Alliance, a 26-location co-op based in Tipton, IN, uses a mobile computer-based communications network, plus the new software package, to manage six fertilizer application rigs. Being able to relay variable-rate application files in real time has been a major benefit, says Luke Lightfoot, a technology specialist with Co-Alliance. In the past, each morning the co-op's operations manager prepared thumb drives with the day's jobs for each application rig. If there was a last-minute change of plans, new application files often had to be driven to the field. And at the end of the day, as-applied files from computers on each rig had to be downloaded and transferred to the co-op's main computers.

“Now it is a couple of clicks of a mouse to update job files instead of having to run new files out to them,” Lightfoot says.

Another time-saver, he says, is the ability to diagnose and fix on-board computer problems from afar. Through use of remote-access software, he is able to log on to mobile computers and make necessary changes to keep them running.

Site Pro Dispatch is an add-on to Farm Works' Site Pro software, which is targeted for agricultural retailers and large-acreage farmers. Site Pro contains key components of the company's Farm Trac/Farm Site field record-keeping and mapping software. The Dispatch add-on overlays computer-based communications and tracking capabilities, including a live map that shows where all the applicators are at any given time. Site Pro Dispatch software sells for $2,000 (or $1,000 to current Site Pro owners).

Farm Works also offers a remote file-synchronizing program called Farm Sync, which sells for $250. Jobs and maps are transferred via a wireless Wi-Fi network. With an enhanced wireless network using antennas or repeaters, Farm Sync can transfer files from 1,000 ft. or more.

For more information, contact Farm Works, Dept. FIN, Box 250, Hamilton, IN 46742, 800/225-2848, visit or, or circle 103.

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