MORNING Midwest Digest, September 21, 2018

Steve Alexander is in for Max and talks about flooding damage in Iowa, a man on the run, a shooting in Wisconsin, truck driver shortages and more.

Some people in northwest Iowa are getting flooding, causing wastewater and manure discharges in several communities.

Several midwestern states have sent people and equipment to North Carolina to help clean up from Hurricane Florence.

A grain elevator operator from Minnesota is still on the run after stealing nearly $2 million dollars from farmers.

Police in Wisconsin want to know why a man opened fire on his coworkers at a software company. The shooter was shot and killed by police.

There's a shortage of long-haul truckers. Missouri governor is considering law changes to help fill the shortage.

The governor of Michigan is considering calling in the National Guard to help resume road construction projects.

If you're cleaning out an old shed, be careful. A family in Nebraska found a rocket from World War II. It was picked up and blown up by the local bomb squad.

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