MIDDAY Midwest Digest, September 20, 2018

Steve Alexander is in for Max and talks about harvest, oil leaks, wind farms, punishments and a collegiate shout out at the Emmy Awards.

There are a lot of combines running across the Midwest right now. About this time in 2013, a North Dakota farmer noticed an oil leak from a pipeline. The cleanup is finally complete, after $100 million.

Some people in northern Indiana were looking forward to a wind farm. However, the company to build it has pulled out of the deal.

A woman in western Michigan took away her daughter's cell phone, and was then arrested because the ex-husband claimed he owned the phone. Charges were dropped after it was discovered the daughter owned the phone.

A man at the Emmy Awards won an award, and thanked a range of people, then shouted, "Go Blue!" It was a shoutout to his alma mater. 

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