Uncovering new-tech solutions

In this fourth-installment gallery from Agritechnica, we keep working to bring you interesting products and solutions being developed "across the pond." Not all will see the light of day in the U.S., but they give you an idea of the resources engineers and designers use here to get the job done. And we didn't leave out some big equipment too.

As we moved through Building 17 - known for its ideas and innovations - Willie Vogt, editorial director, and Mark Moore, photographer, saw plenty of displays and monitoring equipment. And sometimes there are things that just catch your eye and you have to ask "what the heck is that," which we did a few times at the show and have shared those products with you.

This time is no different. Peruse this gallery to see new sensor approaches, ways to manage crop protection product exposure and even a couple big new machines from a familiar name.

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