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Smart fence mower

You can spray, mow and trim every year. But get behind on the job, and fence lines can quickly grow into brush and trees until the only solution is a bulldozer. The new Fence Row mower makes it easier to prevent that outcome.

Smarter and more agile than the typical bush hog, the Fence Mower offers power and maneuverability built specifically for use on heavily overgrown fence lines. Attached to a PTO, the Fence Mower has a 23-in. cutting width but rides just 5¾ in. off the ground, which allows it to maneuver underneath the lowest wire or railing of the fence.

As the tractor is driven parallel to the fence, the Fence Mower cuts away brush, saplings, tall grass and vines. It also levels mounds of surface dirt buildup. When the Fence Mower encounters a post, its adjustable spring action automatically navigates it around the post and returns it to underneath the fence. The feature can be adjusted to operate around specific fence lengths and heights.

Mower price: $6,699. Mower and trailer price: $7,949. Contact Wright Mfg., 40452 Kelley Rd., Hempstead, TX 77445, 713/501-5356, or visit

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