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Skid-steer seeding

THE LSS6 seeder attaches easily to the front or rear of the seeder frame via a standard, quick-attach mounting plate so it can be pushed or pulled by a skid steer. The quick-attach mounting plate allows center mounting. A 5-in. offset feature allows the seeder to be used on skid-steer units with wheel tracks wider than 72. in. The new seeder also can be mounted to tractors with a standard 3-pt. hitch. A newly designed polyethylene, blade-type agitator is impervious to moisture and provides accurate, reliable seed placement.

The LSS6 is 84 in. wide with a seeding width of 72 in., an overall height of 34 in. and a 4½-bu. hopper capacity. The base model LSS6 sells for $5,800. Contact Brillion Iron Works, Dept. FIN, Box 127, Brillion, WI 54110, 800/409-9749, or visit

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