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Schwartz Manufacturing Company history; Bohler welding rods; Brent wagons

Uni-Link hoist

My husband is looking for Schwartz Manufacturing Company of Lester Prairie, MN. They manufactured a Uni-Link hoist for our truck and we need parts.
D. Deines
Wakeeney, KS

There is a bit of history behind the moves this hoist company has made over the years. Elmer and Norman Schwartz founded Schwartz Manufacturing Company as a two-man business in the old Sunnyside Creamery in Lester Prairie, MN, in 1941. In 1953, Schwartz Manufacturing introduced the Uni-Thrust hoist with the lifting cradle as a unique feature. In 1970, Schwartz Manufacturing became a wholly owned subsidiary of Chromalloy American Corporation. In December of 1983, the name was changed to AmerEquip Corporation. The company remained AmerEquip until it was purchased by a private entity in 1989 and became known as SMC Corporation. The manufacturing processes were moved to a plant in Sioux Falls, SD. The business remained in Sioux Falls and was purchased by the Alamo Group in August 2001. Finally, Parkhurst Manufacturing, Sedalia, MO, purchased the Uni-Link line of hoists in 2003. For the parts you need, send an e-mail to Toby Pierce at Parkhurst Manufacturing at [email protected] Or call Parkhurst at 800/821-7380.

Stick welding rods

I am looking for Bohler brand welding rods (Fox OHV). The company I used to order from is no longer handling them. Do you know where I can order them?
Gary Bruxvoort
Chandler, MN

The Fox OHV is no longer marketed in the United States. However, Bohler says that it sells a welding rod — the UTP 612 — that is similar in performance to the Fox OHV. You can find the UTP 612 at welding supply distributors that carry UTP products. Or contact Bohler Thyssen Welding USA Inc., Box 721678, Houston, TX 77272, 800/527-0791,

Wagon brake drum

I am looking for an eight-bolt-hole brake drum for the front of an older model Brent 600 wagon. The hub and spindle seem to be okay, but the brake drum is broken. The hub has “Pamco” printed on it. Apparently Brent went to a 10-hole hub on later models.
Thomas McCarvel
Bloomington, MN

Brent wagons are manufactured by Unverferth Manufacturing. Write to Unverferth at Box 357, Kalida, OH 45853, call 419/532-3121 or 800/322-6301, or visit


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