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Rotary cutters

THE NEW dual-spindle rotary cutters from Woods Equipment Company feature smooth, sloped top decks that shed water and debris. The DS96 and DS120 cutters are available in 96- and 120-in. cutting widths, with 2- to 12-in. cutting heights. A quick-change blade pin system makes it easy to replace cutting blades. A high blade tip speed gives the rotary cutters the ability to cut material up to 1½ in. in diameter. The rotary cutters feature heavy-duty, bolt-on, formed and replaceable skid shoes.

The DS96 has a list price starting at $5,333. List price of the DS120 starts at $6,404. Contact Woods Equipment Co., Dept. FIN, Box 1000, Oregon, IL 61061, 800/319-6637, or visit

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