Precision crop control with Valley Irrigation/CropMetrics partnership

Irrigation systems are becoming the ultimate precision farming tools as they partner up with agronomic software systems to apply products across the field by prescription. One example is Valley Irrigation and CropMetrics working together to variably control water, fertilizer and other crop management products through a center pivot irrigation system.

Valley Irrigation’s VRI Zone Control with its individual sprinkler or span control is teamed up with CropMetrics web-based agronomic software. The software automatically controls Valley’s irrigation systems with the Pro2 control panel. Pro2 can remotely manage as many as 30 VRI Zone Control units. Combined with CropMetrics, the system will apply the optimum rate of water and other crop inputs for the highest yields possible on each field.

The Valley Irrigation/CropMetrics partnership has caught the attention of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). ASABE just awarded the partnership its prestigious AE50 award for innovation.

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