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Organize your time at National Farm Machinery Show

Organize your time at National Farm Machinery Show

The show app features schedules, maps, Louisville information and more.

Heading to National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville this year? Don’t forget to download the show’s handy app to help you navigate your way through the giant exhibit halls. We at Farm Industry News use the app to help us find the exhibitors we need to find to get you the information on all the new product launches.

In addition to the list of exhibitors, you can find the seminar times and topics which will get you up to date on the hot topics in agriculture.

The popular Tractor Pull at the show can also be found in the app to help you plan when you want to go. Plus, you can order tickets online. And there’s also information in the app on what to do while you’re visiting Louisville.

And lastly, you can plan out everything you want to do at the show with the “My schedule” feature that organizes your time.

Download the 2015 National Farm Machinery Show app on iTunes here.

Or visit the Google Play store for Android devices.

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