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Heavy-duty utility tractor

MASSEY FERGUSON introduces the HD series 2600 utility tractor. This “heavy-duty” series offers up to 25% more usable standard weight than other tractors in its class and includes four models from 74 to 97 gross engine hp (62 to 83 PTO hp). The new 2600 series retains the heavy-duty components and weight of the 500 series it replaces while adding refinements designed for better operator comfort and drivability. All models are available in 2-wd or 4-wd with independent PTO and a choice of two transmissions. Buyers can choose a platform, cab or low-profile style.

List prices range from $26,600 to $50,000. For more information, contact your local Massey Ferguson dealer, visit or, or circle 101.

Fast tractor and telehandler

JCB'S NEW 7270 MFWD tractor, rated at 260 hp, is the largest model in the 7000 series. Like other tractors in the JCB lineup, the new model reaches speeds up to 43 mph for increased productivity on the field and on the road. Suspension on both the front and rear axles allows the driver to go faster across rough fields. Suggested list price: $225,000. Circle 102.

Also new is the 515-40 compact telescopic handler, designed to compete with skid-steer loaders. The 3,300-lb. machine offers forward reach and 13 ft. of lift height for added versatility. Suggested list price: $52,000. Circle 103.

Contact JCB Headquarters Savannah, Dept. FIN, 2000 Bamford Blvd., Pooler, GA 31322, 912/447-2000, or visit or

Nutrient applicator

THE NEW 23-row 2510H nutrient applicator from John Deere is a larger unit than the high-speed nutrient applicator that John Deere launched in 2008, so growers can cover more ground in less time when applying anhydrous fertilizer. With a working width of 57.5 ft., it is designed to match up with a 24-row planter. A single disc opener is used to place anhydrous. The machine folds down to 18 ft. wide and 13 ft. high for transport.

Suggested list price: around $97,000. For more information, visit your local John Deere dealer, visit or, or circle 104.

Rear power bucket

A NEW tractor loader, called the Auto-Dump, attaches to a 3-pt. hitch on 10- to 160-hp tractors. Because the bucket attaches to the rear of a tractor, excess weight on the front axles or tires of light tractors is not a concern. The hydraulically driven Auto-Dump includes all the functions of front-end loaders — from hauling and scooping to grading and snow removal.

A 96-in. Auto-Dump bucket that fits a Cat. III tractor retails for $3,500. Contact Westendorf Mfg. Co., Dept. FIN, Box 29, Onawa, IA 51040, 712/423-2762, visit or, or circle 105.

Post pounder

HAMMER FENCE posts up to 9 ft. in height with ease with the Farm Duty Post Pounder from Wheatheart. The new pounder has a hammer weight of 600 lbs. with ballast and a maximum ballast of 280 lbs. Wheatheart used technology from its High&Heavy Hitter line on this farm model to reduce excessive movement and ensure that the pounding energy is transmitted to the fence post.

Suggested retail price: $5,600. Contact Wheatheart, Dept. FIN, 3455 Idylwyld Dr. N., Saskatoon, SK S7L 6B5, Canada, 877/934-0649, visit or, or circle 106.

Custom grain tube liners

RESTORE WORN or misshaped grain tubes on combines with PolyTech's new tank fill tube liners. The liners install in about an hour and are adjustable to accommodate worn or new housings. A tube liner measuring kit with a gauge is sent to a customer first. Once the customer returns the gauge and information sheet, PolyTech custom cuts a liner for the tube in standard lengths of 18 or 24 in. Longer liners are available.

Prices are $199 for a Tank Fill Tube Liner and $10 for a measuring kit. For more information, call PolyTech at 800/542-7659, visit or, or circle 107.

Aggressive tillage

SALFORD DESCRIBES its new vertical tillage tool as being “aggressive.” The RTS XT (Residue Tillage Specialist Extreme) is designed for growers who want the benefits of a disk but also want vertical tillage. The new tool will cut and distribute crop residue while warming the soil to a shallow depth. Its coil-tech coulters are capable of running at high speeds. The tool is designed for spring and fall usage. It is available in 12- to 50-ft. widths.

List price of the model shown is $35,000. For more information, call Salford at 866/442-1293, visit or, or circle 108.

Grain cleaner

A NEW grain cleaner from Walinga is totally enclosed and doesn't release dust back into the air. It is designed to clean out dust and “bees' wings” from corn and soybeans. A 3-hp motor operates the auger and fan. The heavy-duty cleaner has a 10-in. auger.

Suggested retail price: $7,900. Contact Walinga USA, Dept. FIN, 1190 Electric Ave., Wayland, MI 49348, 800/466-1197, visit or, or circle 109.

Precision strip-till

KRAUSE ENTERS the strip-till market with the launch of its Gladiator precision tillage system. Available in 12- or 16-row models, the unit can be fitted with a liquid, dry or anhydrous fertilizer system. Row units require no daily maintenance, and no wrenches are needed to make adjustments. An exclusive Drop Zone nutrient placement system lets an operator adjust fertilizer depth (from 5 to 11 in. deep) independent of the shank operating depth. Chain reels at the rear shed wet soil and residue to form a uniform seedbed without plugging.

Base list price: $75,000 for a 12-row model. Contact Krause , Dept. FIN, Box 2707, Hutchinson, KS 67504, 620/663-6161, visit or, or circle 110.

Seed caddy, ammonia caddy

A NEW four-box seed caddy with an adjustable poly auger is available from Azland. The caddy comes on a tandem-axle, heavy-duty trailer. The hydraulic fold-and-tilt auger folds into a cradle when not in use. The caddy features easy-glide pro box placement, wireless remote control, and a 13-hp Honda motor with electric start. The four-box model (SC22A) retails for $15,125. Circle 111.

Azland also manufactures an ammonia caddy that is designed for easy transport of ammonia, water or 28%. It features heavy-duty running gears, an extendable tongue with spring assist for hookup, and unique neck design for easy and safe hookup of hoses. Suggested retail price: $6,250. Circle 112.

Contact Azland Inc., Dept. FIN, 345 Burnett Rd., West Lafayette, IN 47906, 765/429-6200, or visit or

Farm management software

TRIMBLE ADDS two new software products to its precision farming lineup, developed in relationship with Farm Works. EZ-Sync is a wireless data transfer module that lets you transfer job information between the field and office without the need of a storage card or USB thumb drive. Guidance lines, prescription maps, completed jobs and other field information are transferred to a Web server via a cellular modem. Suggested list price: $400, not including computer device or cellular plan. Circle 113.

EZ-Surface is software designed for farm surface and subsurface drainage applications. The software lets you analyze surveyed fields and determine the best locations for surface ditches or farm tile drainage lines based on 3-D field models, watershed maps, contours, surface flow paths and water-flow directions. Suggested list price: $400 (not including EZ-Office Pro). Circle 114.

Contact Trimble Agricultural Division, Dept. FIN, 10355 Westmoor Dr., Suite 100, Westminster, CO 80021, 800/865-7438, or visit or

Small grain seed tender

A NEW seed tender is available for farmers who plant small grains with air seeders and incorporate fertilizer at the same time. The Seed Express 600RT bulk seed tender from Meridian features three large compartments with an open-top design for easy fill. A radio-control remote will open and close the compartments and control a conveyor. The compartments are 288, 145 and 133 cu. ft. in size. The tender is outfitted with a roll tarp cover and a transfer conveyor with 24-in.-wide belt.

Suggested retail price for a three-product tender is $40,000. Contact Meridian Mfg., Dept. FIN, 2897 Expansion Blvd., Storm Lake, IA 50588, 800/437-2334, visit or, or circle 115.

Finisher and conveyor

A NEW Rolling Reel Leveler from Unverferth pulls behind a tillage tool to prepare an ideal seedbed. The reel features five spiraled blades for breaking clods, smoothing residue and leveling ridges. It is available in 15- and 18-ft. rigid models and 18-, 20-, 22- and 25-ft. folding models. Prices start at $7,125. Circle 116.

Unverferth also introduces a grain conveyor that features a tubular design with a cupped and cleated 12-in.-wide belt. It will move seed or grain at a rate of up to 34 bu./min. Price: $5,670. Circle 117.

Contact Unverferth Mfg. Co., Dept. FIN, Box 357, Kalida, OH 45853, 800/322-6301, or visit or

2,000-bu. grain carts

BALZER'S NEW Field Floater III grain carts hold 1,325 to 2,000 bu. of grain. An independent running gear with a walking tandem or tridem axle, both of which have the patented Auto-Trail steerable axle system, allows the high-capacity grain carts to travel fast in the field. The new carts feature a fast unload rate of 1,090 bu./min. through a 24-in.-dia. auger system. The horizontal auger has a patented hydraulic engagement clutch system. The carts are equipped with an electronic scale system.

Retail prices range from $89,000 for a 1325 tandem to $119,000 for a 2000 tridem model. Contact Balzer Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 458, Mountain Lake, MN 56159, 800/795-8551, visit or, or circle 118.

View demonstrations of even more products from the show at

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