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Massive mower

Totally unfolded, Claas's newest and biggest self-propelled mower, called the Cougar, spreads five high-speed “Disco” mowers across a 45-ft. swath. And it will run those mowers across a field of hay at working speeds up to 13 mph on big, compaction-reducing floater tires. Top transport speed on the road is 25 mph. All five mowing units fold automatically for a transport width of just 10 ft. The comfortable cab rotates 180° for transport so the mowing units are behind the operator.

A 480-hp, 12-l DamlierChrysler engine powers this massive machine and its gang of five through the heaviest of conditions. Parallel hydrostatic motors transfer the power mechanically to the all-wheel-drive axles. A universal drive shaft delivers power to the mower units with virtually no loss of power. Each of the five mowing units on the Cougar is independently driven and can be raised and lowered individually for easy mowing in tight corners. An automatic hydropneumatic relief system controls the ground adaptation of the five mowers for even cutting.

The Cougar's steer-by-wire, electrohydraulic all-wheel steering enhances maneuverability. An on-board computer provides the operator with information to manage the entire mowing system.

Price: $330,000. For more information, contact Claas Omaha LLC, 8401 S. 132nd St., Omaha, NE 68138, 402/861-1077, visit or, or circle 212.

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