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Kool parts; Olympyk 264 chain saw; Sprinkler System pump; Crescent tools; PZ disc mower

More Kools parts

In the Talk section of your August 2007 issue [page 52], a fellow requested information on a Kools forage blower. Kools built forage blowers for John Deere. He could try there for parts. I have a Kools forage blower and get my parts from Deere.
Joe Heuper
Median, ND

Save the Olympyks

I am looking for parts for an Olympyk 264 chain saw. Everybody I talk to says, “Good luck. Just save yourself some time and throw it away like everything else!” Please help!
Chad Budde
Woonsocket, SD

Don't throw that chain saw away! Instead, contact Emak USA, 770 Spruce St., Wooster, OH 44691, 800/800-4420,

Sprinkler pump

I am looking for parts for a Sprinkler System pump, which is PTO driven. CMC, Iowa, is inscribed on the pump.
Melvin Goffena
Wilsall, Montana

Mid-Atlantic Irrigation Company says it has “thousands of obsolete and hard-to-find couplers, fitting, gaskets and pump parts on hand.” The company states, “In most instances, we either have the necessary part in stock, know where to find it, or can fabricate it.”

Contact Mid-Atlantic Irrigation Co. Inc., Box L, Farmville, VA 23901, 888/442-0240,

Crescent tools

I am looking for a 15-ft. adjustable wrench made by Diamond Tool and Horseshoe Company.
Lloyd Cadelbach
Buffalo Lake, MN

The Diamond Tool and Horseshoe Company was bought by Copper Hand Tools. The company integrated the tools into the Crescent brand, and they are now marketed under that name.

Contact Cooper Hand Tools, 1000 Lufkin Rd., Apex, NC 27539, 919/387-0099,

PZ disc mower

Do you know where I can get parts for a PZ disc mower?
Ray Popp
Martinsburg, MO

Contact ACI Distributors, 3220 New Town Blvd., St. Charles, MO 63301, 800/237-0562,

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