Geringhoff to open new facilities in St. Cloud, Minn.

Geringhoff to open new facilities in St. Cloud, Minn.

German-based Geringhoff announced today that it will open a new 106,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing facility in St. Cloud, Minn. The new facilities will be located in the former Donline Company building, which provided windows, doors and millwork to lumber companies. The company is no longer in business. Now the same facility will produce agricultural harvesting equipment and house Geringhoff's first North American factory. Currently, the majority of Geringhoff's equipment is exported from Germany.

The announcement of Geringhoff's expansion to the U.S. may not come as a surprise, due to the company's production of some revolutionary ag equipment recently. At this year's National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky., Geringhoff unveiled its new corn header to be released in 2015, which drew quite a crowd. The Geringhoff Northstart 2420 folding corn header won Farm Industry News' FinOvation Product of the Year award, which was announced at the FinOvation awards banquet at the show.

View two videos of the corn header launched at the show here:

How Geringhoff developed its 'concept' row-independent corn head

Geringhoff concept row-independent corn head - Part II

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