Farmers crowd in for second day of Agritechnica

The crowd cramming itself into Agritechnica is hard to describe but with so many buildings they spread out fast. Yet traffic remained stiff this second official day of the show. For this gallery we rounded up a diverse range of products that you will find interesting. Our aim here is to show some items that might make their way to the states, or profile product technologies that show interesting innovations.

Telehandlers are popular here at the event, and you've probably noticed at least one new one in each of these Agritechnica galleries. And you won't be disappointed this time either. But we also highlight a new approach to a carbon fiber spray boom that has original-equipment manufacturers taking notice. There are components that show how engineers from suppliers continue to meet company needs. And we even have a robot.

So read on to learn more about our third day at the show (remember Day 1 came from a preview day) and see what interesting technologies we found.

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