Drought drives uptick in fertilizer applicator sales

Drought drives uptick in fertilizer applicator sales

Farm King, a division of Buhler Industries, showed a new 60-ft. liquid fertilizer applicator for the first time at the 2013 National Farm Machinery Show. Tony Fath, product specialist with Farm King, says the product has generated a lot of interest since then, as farmers question how much fertilizer remains in the soil after last year’s drought.

“Because of the drought, a lot of farmers are wondering whether there was enough moisture to get fertilizer down into the soil profile,” Fath says. “It’s the perfect storm to create an uptick in sidedress applications.”

The new 60-ft. unit, the company’s largest to date, is Farm King’s first entry in the 60-ft. fertilizer-applicator market. “The most popular size of corn planters sold today is 60 ft., so the applicator needs to follow that [width],” Fath says.

Check out the product walkaround video.

It is available in two models with two fertilizer tank sizes: model 1860 with an 1,800-gal. tank, and model 2460 with a 2,400-gal. tank. Both units feature 36 in. of ground clearance, which the company says is industry-leading, to widen the window of application to later in the growing season when the crop is at the four- to eight-leaf stage. The working height can be raised to 54 in. on end rows to make it easier to turn without damaging the crop.

Suggested list price: $96,100 for the 2,400-gal. model 2460 with 60-ft. toolbar, 25 coulters/30-in. spacing as seen at the show.

Contact Farm King, 2500 Airport Dr. S.W., Willmar, MN 56201, 320/235-1496, email [email protected], or visit www.farm-king.com.

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