Brief look at Husker Harvest Days innovations

The fall farm show season kicked off a couple weeks ago in Decatur, Ill., with the Farm Progress Show and we shared a few gallery favorites from that event. This week Farm Industry News is at Husker Harvest Days, the nation's only fully irrigated farm show. And while there can be repeat products on the site from that first show of the season, we also found a few others.

Innovation is the key in a number of areas, not always electronic. We found a couple of engineering or "mechanical" innovations you'll find interesting as well. We show a few products and features in this gallery, take a moment to peruse them to see some pretty interesting ideas, including the biggest corn head we've ever seen, a new way to handle chemical jugs, an innovative irrigation wheel and even a way to keep thieves from stealing copper wire from irrigation pivots (a growing problem). We can't show you everything but this is a sampling of what was on hand.

So click away at the images below and read the descriptions to the right to learn more.

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