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The Echo CS-440 chain saw is a fast cutter that is easy to use and service. According to the company, the chain saw's engine is exceptionally powerful, quiet and smooth thanks to an ignition timing system that senses engine speed and advances ignition timing for optimum performance.

Starting involves a simple toggle ignition switch, choke knob and throttle latch. The operator just flips the ignition switch to on, pulls out the choke knob and presses the latch button to lock the saw in “fast idle” position. An automatic, adjustable oiler assures proper bar lubrication at any speed. A large chain tension screw, though positioned on the front of the saw, is fairly easy to adjust. An automotive-style air filter is easy to access, clean and replace.

With its standard 18-in. bar, the 45-cc saw weighs in at 10.5 lbs. Price is $330. Contact Echo Inc., Dept. FIN, 400 Oakwood Rd., Lake Zurich, IL 60047, 847/540-8400, visit or, or circle 196.

Five-rotor cutter

This heavy-duty FX520 prototype cutter was on display at the most recent National Farm Machinery Show. The 20-ft. stalk cutter will be available for sale sometime this fall. Canadian manufacturer Schulte Industries says the use of five cutting rotors instead of the usual three will improve cutting and stalk-shredding performance, allowing faster travel speeds and better material distribution.

The deck is built with heavy 7-gauge steel. An equal angle hitch eliminates the need for high-maintenance CV assemblies. Drive shafts have 20 splines and are 1.75 in. in diameter. Wings float from 20° up to 40° down.

Price is expected to be somewhere around $23,500. Contact Schulte Industries Ltd., Dept. FIN, Box 70, Englefeld, Saskatchewan S0K 1N0, Canada, 306/287-3715, visit or, or circle 195.

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