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Fast wood chipping

Do your own wood chipping with the new line of Crary Bear Cat skid-steer chippers from TerraMarc. The chipper attaches to the skid-steer loader in seconds and is driven by the vehicle's hydraulics. The mounting may be set to feed in front or to the side.

The 74500 model features a feed opening of 5½ × 7 in. and a 3-in. continuous chipping size. The 74800 model is larger with a feed opening of 9 × 9 in. and a 5-in. continuous chipping size. The discharge tube on both models will rotate 360°. Both models also have 6- and 8-in.-dia. steel discharge tubing with deflector cap to direct chips to a designated spot.

Price of the 5-in.-dia. model is $5,995. Contact Crary Bear Cat, Dept. FIN, 237 N.W. 12th St., West Fargo, ND 58078, 800/247-7335, visit or

Reversible plow

Get ready for winter with the reversible Fox C-Plow that mounts to a skid steer. The 8-ft. C-Plow combines conventional plowing with back-drag plowing functions to easily clear tight spaces, curbs and corners. The plow is operated conventionally in the forward mode with normal hydraulic angling and spring-trip moldboard functions. For back dragging, the upper three-fourths of the moldboard is hydraulically folded over to create a rear-facing back-drag blade.

Suggested retail price: $3,425. Contact Hiniker Co., Dept. FIN, 58766 240th St., Mankato, MN 56002-3407, 507/625-6621, visit www.hiniker. com or

Versatile tie-down

The new Rope Cincher will safely and securely tie down materials on truck beds and roof racks, all without hooks, elastic cords, straps and buckles. The Rope Cincher is the only tie-down product that may be used on a single line of rope already tied in place, or to join two loose ends of rope. The one-piece unit includes a solid braided rope that is threaded through the Rope Cincher, pulled tight and held by a V-locking wedge. To secure, the cincher is rotated to lock the rope in place.

Suggested retail price of the Rope Cincher is $14.95. It comes with a 15-ft. length of ⅜-in. rope. Contact Perhacs Design, The Better Mousetrap People, Dept. FIN, 170 E. Bakerview Rd., Unit 1109, Bellingham, WA 98226, 800/343-3275, visit

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