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Laser, show the way Engineers at Ford Motor Company say taillights lit by lasers could lead to safer, more energy-efficient vehicles. They are experimenting with fiber optics that carry red light from a diode laser to a series of mirrors that sends the beam across a moldable sheet of acrylic. Reflective and refractive ridges direct the light outward. The company claims its laser lights will consume one-seventh the power of incandescent bulbs. MIT's Technology Review

Money for your kid's tuition The Westchester Foundation (agricultural asset managers) is accepting applications for scholarships to award to outstanding young college students for the winter 2000/ spring 2001 school year. Recipients will have excellent grades and leadership qualities. Number of recipients and dollar amounts vary. Deadline for application is May 31. Call 217/352-6000.

Small disk jobs Do you have some small disking jobs? The new Compact Disc from King Kutter should help you out. The disk attaches to an ATV, garden tractor or compact tractor to handle hard-to-reach areas and small patches of ground. Its unique pull-tongue design allows down pressure to be applied without weights. It disks a 33-in. width and includes a 1-in. high-carbon-steel axle; 10 notched, 14-in. steel disc blades; and a 2-in.-sq. tube frame. List price: $555. Contact King Kutter Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 1200, Winfield, AL 35594, 800/228-2308.

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