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Biomass baler kit

Last August we reported on a combine kit called the Glenvar Bale Direct System (BDS) that connects a conventional baler to a conventional combine so growers can bale crop residue at the same time they harvest crop for the purpose of cellulosic ethanol production (see At that time the kit was available only in Australia. But beginning in May, Tuthill Drive Systems will manufacture and sell the same kit here in North America.

By combining crop harvesting and residue baling into a single operation, BDS saves fuel and labor and reduces soil compaction. Additional benefits come from taking the crop directly from the combine rather than picking it up off the ground. The baled material does not have rocks, sticks or other debris from the ground, making it a better feedstock and providing for longer baler operation. Also, any weed seed prevalent in the harvested crop is fed directly into the baler, lessening the return of these weeds in subsequent seasons.

Tuthill’s Bale Direct System can be used with all leading brand combines and large square balers. The price is not yet available. For more information, call 219/279-2801 or visit

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