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Ethanol Partners

DuPont is partnering with Broin, a large dry mill ethanol producer, to bring to market the technology that turns corn stover into ethanol. Significantly more ethanol is produced per acre of corn when the stover is included. DuPont developed the Integrated Corn-Based BioRefinery (ICBR) technology that converts energy crops such as grass, straw and cornstalks into ethanol. DuPont and the U.S. Department of Energy conducted the research to develop the ICBR technology.

Broin also worked on a research project with the Department of Energy. As a result of this collaboration, Broin developed technology that helps the biorefining process. “The ability to combine the global science of DuPont with Broin's ethanol production technology puts us in position to make the commercialization of cellulose to ethanol a reality much sooner,” reports Mike Muston, Broin's executive vice president of corporate development. Broin has been in the biorefining industry for 20 years. It currently manages 18 ethanol plants, with five more under construction.

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