Sprayer offerings for 2019 include several new products

What’s New From the Shows: Companies roll out 2019 models and related spraying products.

By Farm Progress staff

Self-propelled sprayers with tons of precision technology dominate the sprayer lineup for most major companies in the industry. Several companies introduced updated models for 2019.

Equipment Technologies has expanded new features, including the latest Raven display, across the line of Apache sprayers. You can equip them with as much precision technology as you like. Equipment Technologies first offered Bruin sprayers in 2018.

The Bruin models are tweaked for 2019, as farmers in the U.S. continue to become familiar with them, spokespeople note. They were first made and sold in Europe by Equipment Technology’s parent company. Production for Bruin sprayers sold in the U.S. is expected to move to the company’s headquarters near Mooresville, Ind., where Apache sprayers have been built since the product came on line more than two decades ago.

Oxbo, Miller and New Holland also introduced sprayers recently. High-clearance is the name of the game in these models, with the farmer who wants to make mid- to late-season applications of chemicals or fertilizers in mind. The demand for a machine that can seed cover crops into standing corn and soybean fields is also pushing the market toward high-clearance sprayers.

Tee-Jet introduces a flat-fan tip for the upcoming spray season. Pentair also adds a new accessory for herbicide application in the Hypro brand. Be sure to check out all the products listed in the slideshow.   

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