New forage tech, custom tractor mats, irrigation controller

This product roundup features a range of tools, tech and new crop protection products

New Product Monday offers you a look at a range of new tools that arrive in the Penton Ag email folder regularly. The list of tools that get included in this gallery can change regularly, but check out all the images to see what's new in a range of areas.

In this installment we have a new real-time forage quality sensor from Harvest Tech, a special edition skid-steer from Case IH, custom tractor mats from TractorMat, a bigger portable generator from Caterpillar, an enhanced irrigation control from Valmont, a new mixer from Patz, a new pump from Patz, a new nematode control product from Monsanto, a bio-fungicide available through Koch Agronomic Services, and we wrap up with a new enhanced machine guarantee for machines from Manitou - Gehl and Mustang.

So click through the gallery to find out more about these new tools, the tech and the offers.

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