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Equipment trailer

Large farm tractors and hay swathers can be moved with ease on the new model 425 traveling axle trailer from Landoll Corporation. The maneuverable trailer offers a 25-ton capacity and length options of 41 or 45 ft. Pull the trailer with a single- or tandem-axle tractor.

A 37-in. loaded deck height lowers the center of gravity to improve safety when hauling taller loads. The 425 trailer is designed for optional aluminum pullouts that extend to 13 ft. wide to accommodate large farm equipment.

The increased axle travel lowers the load angle. The design allows for easy transitions from the lower to upper deck without ramps. The upper deck remains on the semi-tractor fifth wheel to allow for improved safety while loading and unloading.

Price: $41,500. Contact Landoll Corp., Transportation Sales Group, Dept. FIN, 1900 North St., Marysville, KS 66508, 785/562-5381, or visit

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