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Wireless Bridge

THE EZ-BRIDGE-LT from provides a plug-and-play wireless solution for sharing Internet access between two or more buildings, as well as remote video surveillance or other remote network needs.

Each system includes two outdoor 250-milliwatt amplifiers with built-in 14-dB antennas operating in the 2.4-gigahertz unlicensed frequency spectrum. Also included are bracket kits for wall or pole mounting, Cat5e rated POE (Power Over Ethernet) power inserters and 18v DC auto-ranging power supplies. The system complies with the 802.11b and g standards.

Once installed, the units automatically find their peer to create a secure, encrypted wireless network link. The system provides throughput of up to 15 megabits/sec. at distances of up to 3 miles, assuming line of sight. Multiple EZ-Bridge-LT units can be connected in a mesh configuration to interconnect more than two sites.

Suggested retail price: $259.95. Call 800/939-9638, visit or, or circle 59.

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