Video surveillance for the farm

Video surveillance for the farm

New long-range WiFi monitoring system allows for remote viewing

A new long-range WiFi monitoring system from Ayrstone Productivity lets you remotely view your farm and home from a computer or smartphone. Designed for the outdoor rigors of farming, the Ayrstone AyrMesh WiFi system consists of an AyrMesh router, a stationary weatherproof AyrScout camera, and an AyrMeshWiFi hub.

When installed within range of the router or within about a half-mile range of the WiFi hub, the camera streams what’s in view to a computer or Internet-capable device like a smartphone. An optional indoor camera has pan and tilt capability, allowing the viewer to control what the camera sees.

Signal range can be extended up to six miles with the installation of additional AyrMesh WiFi Hubs.

Price of the Outdoor Pack is $552.35, which includes the AyrMesh Router SP, AyrMesh Hub and the Outdoor Camera. Price of the Indoor Pack is $254.95 and includes the AyrMesh Router SP and the Indoor Camera. 

For more information, contact Ayrstone Productivity, LLC, Dept. FIN, 855 Village Center Drive, #325, North Oaks, MN 55127, call 888/837-0637, or visit


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