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Rugged laptop case

The OtterBox rugged laptop carrying case is so strong you can stand it without damaging your computer; it also is waterproof, dustproof and protects laptops from falls. The case, which is made from high-impact polypropylene, has an ergonomic carrying handle and an integrated locking system. The computer is cradled in shock-absorbing bumpers, which can be customized to provide a snug fit for laptops with screens up to 15 in. wide, including wide-screen models. It has a quick release strap for easy laptop removal. Computers can be plugged in and used while still in the case.

The suggested retail price is $189.95. Contact Otter Products LLC, Dept. FIN, 1 Old Town Sq., Suite 303, Fort Collins, CO 80524, 888/695-8820,

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