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KODAK SAYS its new color ink-jet Easyshare All-in-One Printers cut the usual cost of printing in half. The printers integrate the printer head into the printer, so they require ink cartridges ($9.99 for black, $14.99 for color) that contain only ink, instead of an ink/printer head combination typical with other ink-jet printers.

The Easyshare 5100, which can print, scan and copy documents, costs $149.99. The 5300 model, which sells for $199.99, includes a 3-in. color LCD display and memory card slots to enable photo viewing, cropping and printing directly from the printer. The 5500 model ($299.99) also has fax capability, an automatic document feeder and a duplexer attachment for two-sided printing. Call 800/421-6699, visit or, or circle 151.

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