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SIMPLIFY oil-changing tasks with two new oil extractors from Pela Products. The Pela 2000 oil extractor is a compact, manually operated vacuum pump that sucks old oil out of small engines. After warming the oil, the user drops the attached tube down the dipstick pipe or filler neck and pumps the extractor 5 to 10 times to create a powerful vacuum. The oil will then drain neatly into a calibrated, 2.6-qt. container. The pump is removable for easy storage.

The Pela Pro 14 oil extractor is used for larger jobs. This model offers a 14.8-qt. capacity. The pump is housed inside the container for better durability. After inserting the tube portion of the unit down the dipstick pipe, the user pumps the extractor 20 to 25 times by hand to start the vacuum. A built-in float switch automatically shuts off extraction when the container is full.

Suggested retail price of the 2000 oil extractor is $29.95; the Pro 14 sells for a suggested retail price of $99.95. Contact Pela Products, Dept. FIN, 7215 Cessna Dr., Greensboro NC 27409, 888/272-7964, visit or, or circle 197.

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