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Driveway scraping

The Driveway scraper from Agritek now comes in a smaller width but with the same design and features as the company's larger scraper. The DS-72 driveway scraper is a 6-ft.-wide model that will mount easily to a compact tractor and fit into a trailer for transport. The scraper, like the 8-ft. DS-96 model, has unique blades designed to level gravel and dirt driveways. The front blades cut down high surfaces and mix and move the material to the side wings, which channel the material across the full width of the back blade. Both scraper models attach to any standard 3-pt. hitch.

Suggested retail price for the DS-72 driveway scraper is $850. The 8-ft. model sells for $950. Contact Agritek Industries Inc., Dept. FIN, 4211 Hallacy Dr., Holland, MI 49424, 616/786-9200, visit or, or circle 152.

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