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Double-duty hitch

Pickups spend a lot of road time in the summer pulling trailers for farm work and recreation. A new pickup truck hitch from Husky will make switching between trailers easier. The New Stow-A-5th Wheel, hitch easily changes in minutes from a gooseneck-trailer hitch to a 5th wheel hitch. The hitch provides flexibility for its users who pull two different types of trailers. The Stow-A-5th Wheel is designed as a set of base rails and can accommodate 15K, 16K, 18K and 20K Husky 5th wheel hitches.

The suggested retail price for the Stow-A-5th Wheel hitch complete with 16K 5th Wheel Hitch is $1,600. In some applications, customers may need to purchase both the adapter and a bed support kit, which are purchased separately. For more information, visit a Husky dealer or visit

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