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Diesel pressure washer

Farmers who need to clean a lot of equipment in the field might like the portable power of Gulf Engine Company’s new model, KD3003DO. As the company name implies, Gulf Engine makes big, expensive pressure washers that blast 10,000-psi water jets to remove grime, paint and barnacles from ships and off-shore oil rigs.

Although farmers probably don’t need that much power, they might find a use for the KD3003 “economy” model. It costs $3,550 and can pump out 3 gpm at 3,000 psi. It includes a 50-ft. discharge hose, five spray nozzles, chemical injector, 36-in. lance and shutoff gun.

The 190-lb. unit features a 6-hp Kubota diesel engine and a direct-drive triplex pump. Standard features include an all-steel welded galvanized wheel kit with a lift eye and a drip pan. Safety features include spark arrester and manual air intake shutdown.

For more information, contact Gulf Engine Equipment Inc., 2306 Engineers Rd., Belle Chasse, LA 70037-1196, 800/925-4966, or visit or

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