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Dashing Phone

T-Mobile's new Dash smart phone has a long list of features, including voice calling, personal and business e-mail, a 1.3-megapixel camera and Wi-Fi. The rubberized metal phone, which measures just over ½-in. thick, has a full Qwerty keyboard for composing e-mails and quad-band capabilities that allow you to use it anywhere in the world. The Wi-Fi feature allows you to use the phone for e-mail and Web surfing without accessing the cellular network when a wireless hot spot is available. The phone is compatible with most e-mail services and the four major instant messaging providers. It uses the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system, which allows the phone to open Word and Excel documents.

The phone, which is manufactured for T-Mobile by High Tech Computer Corporation, costs $199 with a two-year contract, or $349 for a one-year agreement. Contact T-Mobile Customer Relations, Dept. FIN, Box 37380, Albuquerque, NM 87176, visit or, or circle 199.

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