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Cummins for compacts

The diesel engine manufacturer known for high-powered engines has gone in reverse. Cummins announced it is producing a line of low-horsepower engines called the A series that range from 18 to 60 hp and 0.9 to 2.3 liters displacement. Until now, the smallest diesel engine with the Cummins name on it produced 65 hp with 3.3 liters displacement. The largest engines from the company offer 3,500 hp.

The engine manufacturer made the switch to lower horsepower to follow the agricultural market. “The diesel market is stable, but compact equipment is a growth market,” reports David Goggin with Cummins. “Before we were not able to sell into this market. Now we are looking at equipment from skid steers and irrigation pumps to portable welders.”

For the farm

The A series is designed to maximize equipment performance in agricultural applications. Features include same-side serviceability, integrated starting aids, hydraulic pump mounts and crank-mounted PTO. Three engine families are included in the line with six different power ratings. The naturally aspirated A2000/A2300 engines provide 45 to 60 hp. The A1400/A1700 engines with 31 to 37 hp and the A900 with 18 hp are designed with three cylinders.

Goggin adds that this new line will be in full production by next summer. Growers should see the engines in farm equipment by January 1, 2004.

Emissions reduced

Cummins also announced that its mechanical and electronic B and C series engines for off-highway use now meet EPA's Tier 2 standards. The B series engines have 60 to 185 hp, and C series engines have 185 to 260 hp.

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