Plant breeding has come a long way as companies put molecular markers to full use Syngenta is adding value through advanced data analytics too
The green veins of this soybean leaf are a solid sign that the plant has been infected with Sudden Death Syndrome DuPont Pioneer has fields that are infected with the disease where the company tests new varieties for the market
This new soybean variety released in 2015 uses DuPont Pioneer39s latest AYT 40 breeding technology and has demonstrated toplevel yield performance for the company
Andy Montgomery national sales manager AgriGold announced the launch of the company39s latest product  soybeans
Monsanto gets import approval for their latest tech  Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans however the firm is still waiting for EPA to approve overthetop use of dicamba on the crop which is a key feature for the technology
The soybean seed market gets a new player as Bayer CropScience announced the fullUS launch of its Credenz global brand
Yep there39s Plenish higholeic soybean oil in Coffeemate creamer from Nestle It39s one of the higholeic oil choices the company is using the other is canola depending on supply It39s a win for DuPont Pioneer as it works to grow the market for the soybean oil
Making a plan after delayed soybean planting
Bayer CropSciencersquos Diego Angelo right US Director of Soybean Operations and Chris Tinius left Global Soybean Breeding Director announce the launch of Credenz soybeans The announcement was made via Google Hangout held by Bayer CropScience yesterday