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Fungicide gets green light North Dakota wheat and barley growers can use Bayer Corporation's Folicur 3.6F fungicide for Fusarium head blight this summer. The EPA granted a specific exemption for use of the fungicide through August 25.

The exemption allows a single application of 4 oz. of active ingredient/acre in 3 gal. of water for aerial application, and 10 gal. of water for ground application.

First online cash grain exchange site Producers throughout the Corn Belt can execute a secure online grain contract any hour of the day or night on the CyberCrop. com Web site by the end of this summer. This first site of its kind provides current news, weather and market data. Customers will have the advantage of updated real-time bids. The site serves corn, soybean, wheat and milo producers at

Value-enhanced corn prices dip U.S. Grains Council projections show a modest decrease in price premium for value-enhanced corn this year. The 4 million acres of specialty grains are expected to account for 5% of U.S. corn acreage.

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