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Corn online

A new company selling its own seed on a Web site recently made its debut. The site helps producers select icorn hybrids through a special matching service. The site also offers advice from independent certified crop advisors for producers who want objective and independent information. Direct seed purchasing from icorn features no sales force, simple pricing, prompt delivery, accepted returns (with restock fee) and a replant guarantee on every order. Contact, Dept. FIN, 792 N. Peru St., Cicero, IN 46034, 800/240-1010,

Roundup Ready wheat

The first genetically modified wheat variety for sale to farmers will likely be a Roundup Ready variety. Monsanto says the new wheat could be ready for farmers within two to four years. The company estimates that the improved weed control from using glyphosate on wheat could increase income per acre by $6 to $11. However, buyers in Europe, Japan and other countries have told U.S. exporters that their consumers may not accept genetically modified wheat, which may dampen farmer enthusiasm for the new seed.

Darell Haravan, chairman of a joint wheat industry committee on biotechnology, says, We may in the future have a biotech wheat that the world does want, but we need to proceed now under the assumption that some markets won't want it anytime soon. Industry and company officials say they hope to devise a segregation system for genetically engineered wheat by year's end.

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