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Two new foam formulations

Precision Laboratories has formulated two new marking foams to be used for the two basic types of marking equipment used on ag sprayers.

Enduron PAI drops more foam at higher operating pressures and application speeds in pressurized systems. Enduron XC is used at lower operating pressures that are commonly found in expansion chamber systems. The company claims that both formulations are heat and wind resistant and will last up to 50% longer than competitive marking foams. Contact Precision Laboratories Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 127, Northbrook, IL 60065, 800/323-6280 or circle 195.

Redesigned field marker control

An updated MarkerMaster now replaces a field disk marker's hydraulic lever system to make marking easier and to reduce operator stress.

Now each button on the control box has a unique shape, and a simple push of a button gets field markers started. The small control box mounts anywhere in the tractor cab with either screws or Velcro. A manifold replaces a sequencing valve; no extra outlet is needed. Included with the control box is an electronic remote control, hydraulic manifold, hardware and fittings, weather-sealed wiring harness and installation and operating instructions. Price for a full installation kit: $985. The control box only is $235, and an extension wire harness for use with a tow-between seed tank is $55. Contact Centrack Controls Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 1722, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada S7K 3S1, 306/653-0405, or circle 198.

Easy way to move hopper

The PowerSwing mover is a hydraulically driven swing-hopper mover that, when installed on Westfield's MK swing hopper, helps you locate the hopper exactly where you want it, regardless of terrain.

A hydraulic lever located over the auger controls the hydraulic oil flow to turn the PowerSwing wheel. It can be easily operated when the hopper is under the unloading truck. The mover is available in three sizes: 8, 10 and 13 in. Price: $671 for the 13-in. model. Contact Westfield Industries, Dept. FIN, Box 39, Rosenort, Manitoba, Canada R0G 1W0, 204/ 746-2396, or circle 197.

Big mid-size bin

MFS/York/Stormor adds a new mid-size bin to its commercial grain storage line.

The bin comes with a diameter of 78 ft. and a storage capacity of up to 370,000 bu. It works well when extra capacity is needed but ground space is limited. Side walls available are up to 85 ft. 4 in., and overall height is approximately 110 ft. The bin comes with either inside or outside stiffeners, and side discharge is optional. Contact Global Industries Inc., Dept. FIN, 2928 E. Hwy. 30, Grand Island, NE 68801, 308/384-9320 or circle 196.

Guard sorghum, wheat

Syngenta's insecticide seed treatment Adage is now ready to fight barley yellow dwarf virus in early-season wheat, and greenbugs, cinch bugs, aphids and other insects in sorghum.

Adage is one of a new family of chemicals called neonicotinoids, and the company considers it to be a significant replacement for the organophosphates. The seed treatment protects seed and young seedlings and is translocated throughout the plant. It affects target pests by contact and stomach activity. Once absorbed, the active ingredient blocks the transmission of the insect's feeding impulses.

In university and company field trials, the systemic provided 30 to 45 days of residual activity for early-season greenbug protection in sorghum. In wheat trials, Adage outyielded check plots by nearly 10 bu./acre. Contact Syngenta Crop Protection Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 18300, Greensboro, NC 27409, 336/632-6000, or circle 199.

Shield out gene-laden pollen

A new discovery may ensure that your non-genetically modified (GM) corn crop keeps its genetic integrity, if you are selling to an elevator buying non-GM corn.

A scientist with the University of Wisconsin-Madison found a molecular barrier (in teosinte, a wild cousin of maize) that, when bred into modern hybrid corn, is capable of completely locking out foreign genes including those from GM corn.

The molecular barrier is available as breeding stock and will soon be in commercial seed.

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