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Stress relief

SYNGENTA CROP Protection and AgroFresh are working together to develop and commercialize Invinsa — a product the companies describe as a unique postemergence spray that promises to protect field crops during extended periods of extreme temperatures, drought and other stresses.

“We've seen [Invinsa] over the last three seasons in North America and South America and have seen the potential for yields to be protected from 5% to 15% on a wide variety of crops,” says Trent Leopold, vice president of Agronomic Business with AgroFresh.

Invinsa technology is a sprayable formulation of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), first developed by AgroFresh for the fruit and vegetable market. AgroFresh is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rhom and Haas.

Expect Invinsa to be commercially available in the next couple of years. Marketing will focus on the row crops, especially corn. However, the companies say its wide-ranging efficacy could make it useful in a variety of crops. Pricing will hinge on growers' evaluation of the product's additional yield benefit, officials say.

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