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Pest control

The Rodenator Pro Pest Control system is a unique method of ridding a farm of burrowing pests. The Rodenator Pro produces a shockwave in a burrow that eliminates the pests and collapses major sections of the burrow system.

A calibrated mixture of oxygen and propane is injected into the tunnel system to create the shockwave. A built-in, self-contained ignition system lets the operator ignite the mixture, creating an instantaneous underground shockwave. No chemicals are left in the ground. The system works for gophers, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, woodchucks, ground hogs, moles, and other burrowing pests. The Rodenator Pro includes an application device, oxygen and propane regulators, 50 ft. of gas hose, safety and personal protection equipment, and a shovel.

Price is $1,995. Contact Meyer Industries, Dept. FIN, Box 39, Midvale, ID 83645, 888/778-7988,

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