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Managing weed resistance

THE EPA recently registered Gramoxone Inteon, a paraquat herbicide from Syngenta Crop Protection. The company says the new formulation delivers broad-spectrum weed control of broadleaf weeds, sedges and grasses and offers an alternative to glyphosate technology. According to Syngenta, Gramoxone Inteon is an effective tool for glyphosate weed resistance management; a burndown with the new product allows growers to save their glyphosate applications for in-crop use where they best fit.

The new herbicide also contains an assortment of new features to improve safety. Alginate products, extracted from seaweed, help prevent the herbicide from being absorbed into the body in the event of accidental ingestion.

Syngenta is in the process of obtaining the necessary state registrations for Gramoxone Inteon. Learn more at

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