Going behind the scenes of Bayer CropScience news conference

Press conferences are a staple to the life of an agricultural journalist. They are a necessary function that allows us to gather news and information of critical importance to our readers.

But they are also critical to companies as well. These meetings allow the company to disseminate relevant information to its audience. And depending on the company, the media attending a press conference can be from the surrounding states, or worldwide. The news generated from these events can help tell a story of a new product, provide updated market information to shareholders, and even provide a glimpse of the company’s overall marketing strategy. It’s truly a goldmine of information for journalists.

Often, however, we only report what goes on behind the microphone. To be fair, it’s often what is said at these events that is the news story. But these events also sometimes give us a glimpse of the company that goes beyond the media packet or press release. And through these photos, we’d like to share a glimpse of a media event.

I had the opportunity to attend the worldwide annual press conference for Bayer CropScience in Monheim, Germany. Journalists from around the world assembled in Monheim to listen to company updates from top management, and to ask questions.

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