Syngenta's new Phoenix seed brand sold by Beck's

New Phoenix seed brand contains Syngenta's germplasm and Agrisure traits. Beck's Superior Hybrids will sell the Phoenix brand in 2012.

Syngenta has launched a new seed brand named Phoenix that will be sold regionally in 2012 by Beck’s Superior Hybrids. The Phoenix brand corn hybrids will contain Syngenta’s germplasm and Agrisure traits. So Beck’s customers will be able to purchase hybrids like Agrisure 3000GT and Agrisure Viptera 3111 trait stacks from their local sales representatives for 2012.

Beck's is selling the Phoenix brand through a distribution agreement with Syngenta. Beck’s is a family-owned seed company serving growers in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky. In the future, growers could see the Phoenix brand sold by other regional seed companies.

“Syngenta is committed to supporting independent seed companies, recognizing that growers appreciate the option of a local choice in their seed suppliers,” says David Morgan, Syngenta region director of North America. “The Phoenix brand allows us to increase access to Syngenta corn germplasm and traits, particularly in the Eastern Corn Belt, with our Beck’s distribution agreement.”

For more information about the Agrisure Viptera 3111 trait stack, visit, and for information about Beck’s Superior Hybrids, visit

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